Electrolytic capacitors assortment

Electrolytic capacitors assortment

47mF; 10v
100mF; 10v
220mF; 10v
470mF; 10v
22mF; 16v
33mF; 16v
47mF; 16v
100mF; 16v
220mF; 16v
330mF; 16v
470mF; 16v
680mF; 16v
1000mF; 16v
10mF; 25v
22mF; 25v
33mF; 25v
47mF; 25v
100mF; 25v
220mF; 25v
330mF; 25v
0.1mF; 50v
0.22mF; 50v
0.47mF; 50v
1mF; 50v
2.2mF; 50v
3.3mF; 50v
4.7mF; 50v
10mF; 50v
22mF; 50v
47mF; 50v
10mF; 63v
47mf; 63v

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